About us

Retail’s world is growing so fast in Iran. Today consumers’ desires are determining the how retail companies should move. We believe that consumers’ tastes have changed in recent years. People are not buying clothes just to provide a cover for their bodies. They are doing shopping for pleasure and looking for this pleasure is one of the most important reasons that make them go to shopping malls and brand stores. So, brands that are willing to be successful should consider a consumer centric approach in their marketing plans.

Mehan Poush was established in 2012. This company had a distinguishing start comparing with its rivals, due to the comprehensive researches they did on classification of Iran’s population, consumer’s behaviorism and professional tools for analyzing the market’s ups and downs.

In Mehan Poush there are three main factors for choosing a brand to cooperate with:

  • Originality and nobility
  • Quality and having competence for Iranian consumers
  • Focusing on consumer and consumer centric plans

Considering these factors and having a journey to the land of colors and seas, Portugal, led us to start a mutual cooperation with Lion of Porches.

For a long time, Portugal has been one of the most important centers of textile industry in the world. You can find the trace of it in all aspects of Portuguese lives. Lion of Porches was at first chosen due to its quality and authenticity, now this cooperation is in a stage that they attach Persian washing labels to Iran’s ordered products in order to respect Iranian consumer’s language and culture.

The first Lion of Porches store was opened on April 2015 in Arg shopping mall, which could be considered as a successful beginning for Mehan Poush.

You may find this lovely brand in Arg, Artemis and Bam Land shopping centers. Also in near future LOP will be available in Iran Mall shopping center.

Mehan Poush realized the deficiency of a professional denim brand in the market. So, considering the big number of fans of denim and jeans in Iran, Mehan Poush made a smart choice to start cooperation with the distinguished denim brand, Pepe Jeans. Pepe Jeans’ outstanding artistic approach and use of technology, along with the wide range of creativity and variation of products are the key factors to prove the accuracy of Mehan Poush’s decision to cooperate with this brand.

Pepe Jeans is a moral-oriented brand which does a lot of marketing activities by paying a special attention to environmental activities and environmentally friendly production policies. So this brand has a high compliance with ethical tendencies in Iran. Pepe Jeans has a consumer centric approach toward its business and tries to increase its consumer’s awareness in all countries that it is available in them.

This brand is now presenting all its consumer centric plans in Iran since summer of 2016 when Mehan Poush opened the first Pepe Jeans store in Elahieh. You may find Pepe Jeans products in Sana and Bam Land shopping centers, and independent stores in Elahieh, Pasdaran, Tabriz (Laleh Park), and very soon you can find Pepe Jeans store in Iran Mall shopping center.

Fashion world cannot be complete without shoes, so Mehan Poush did a comprehensive research in shoes world.

In Iran’s fashion world there has been always a recognizable deficiency of proper shoes for children. So it was the reason that Mehan Poush focused on children shoes to find a well known brand which is professional in this felid. Pablosky, the beloved colorful brand from Spain came to Iran. Pablosky’s shoes are produced by the latest technologies, such as inTech technology. This brand is now available in more than 40 countries, and its first store in Iran opened in Sana Mall in April 2017.

Mehan Poush colorful world of brands is growing day by day. Its R&D team is trying so hard to be updated regarding market situation and help this company to be as powerful as possible in Iran fashion market.



Iran has a rich historical background of civilization, art, culture and morality. So, as an Iranian company it is our responsibility to be loyal to all these valuable heritages. We want to be successful in our business and touch our consumers’ souls at the same time, so we have set below objectives to fruitful this purpose:

  • Providing colorful clothes for the people in order to make the country more beautiful
  • Cooperating with noble brands
  • Focusing on consumers’ desires
  • Providing high quality products
  • Showing great respect to the visitors and consumers in our stores
  • Protecting our Iranian culture in contrast with foreign brands and have a peaceful coexistence with them in a beautiful world


Corporate Social Responsibilities

As a fashion company, not only we think about the products, but also we are very meticulous about our relationship with our consumers. So we believe we are responsible for:

  • Saving Persian language
  • Protecting environment
  • Protecting art and creativity
  • Protecting start ups in fashion and mode field

Mehan Poush is being loyal to all items mentioned above, and tries to be as effective as possible in doing its responsibilities as a member of Iran fashion world.

You can have a constant connection with us through www.mehanmode.com and get to know to our products, blog, news, etc.